Tuesday, June 7, 2011

From a distance

This weeks photo challenge from I Heart Faces is "From a Distance". Immediately I thought about a picture that I took two years ago. Several years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer and had a hysterectomy to remove it. Also removed, was the hope of having my own children. Not long after we got our first two foster kiddos (who we will be adopting next month!) we took them to see my dad for a few days. They loved Granddaddy and he loved having little boys to play around with. One of Granddaddy's horses had just had a baby and he was feeding the little one with a giant bottle. On this particular afternoon, Granddaddy took the boys to the barn to help feed the horse. It was a sweet sight to see him walking with the grandkids he never thought he'd have.

Grandaddy and the boys

Monday, June 6, 2011

Now we're getting somewhere.

I feel like we have just reached an enormous milestone. An invisible one, but enormous none-the-less. Muscles just told me the truth. Knowing that he was going to get in trouble.... big trouble, he still was honest. I know honesty is difficult for a lot of people, and kids can be the worst about it, but my Muscles... he would lie about ANYTHING to stay out of trouble. It caught me off guard. I was ready for him to start a fight, but he just said, "I did it." and looked down at the floor. So little... but so much.