Friday, November 4, 2011

A Story of a Blessing

Can I tell you a story?  

Oh, good.  Thanks.

It's a story about a girl whose life is crazy.  She has an amazing husband and some great kiddos.  She loves them dearly.  And they love her.  Her life is filled with much laughter, many tears, cute smiles, warm hugs and abundant blessings.  Her children have been begging her for the last month to take them swimming, but she dutifully says, "We can't kiddos, it's too cold and the pool is closed until Nathaniel turns 6 (in May)" EVERY TIME they pass the YMCA's water park.  She drives out of her way sometimes, so that the little angels don't see the water park and cry and scream about what a mean Mommy they have. 

This same crazy mama picked up her prince charming for lunch one day this week.  They went to a restaurant with one of her favorite words written in 2-foot-tall letters on the glass:  CREPES.  She loves crepes, but there is no place that makes them like a little place in Cincinnati.  Occasionally she will tell her prince that she's thinking about driving to Cinci for the day, just to have lunch there.  He laughs, thinking she's kidding.  She's not.  But she doesn't go.  He's right.  That's a long way to drive for one silly lunch.

One day, as she was surfing some blogs and websites looking for a mom to learn from, she runs across a blog written by a beautiful Christian woman. It's full of pictures of her family as they play at an indoor water park at Great Wolf Lodge.  This crazy mama starts to think about how much fun it would be to take all her kiddos to this park.... but it's expensive.  And her family just started Financial Peace University.  They are getting a grip on their budget.  They actually paid October's bills with October's income... a first in a long time.  So, this crazy mama, dutifully closed the web page about Great Wolf Lodge, and didn't even mention it to her husband.  All the extra money this month is going to a project he is working on.  If she told him about this desire, he would, in handsome-prince-fashion, forgo his project to give her the desire of her heart.  He's sweet that way.  But it's her turn to bless him and allow him his special project, guilt-free.  

THE VERY NEXT DAY she receives an email from someone who is becoming dear to her heart. A friend who listens to her God and who shares his blessings.  Now she gets to go to Great Wolf Lodge with her kiddos... and eat crepes.... lots and lots of crepes :)