Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Power of Yes

Prince Charming and I spent this past weekend at an Empowered To Connect Conference.  We've been drinking from the fire hydrant of wisdom of those who have gone before us.  We left the conference feeling some sorrow over past choices when dealing with our kiddos.  However we also left with a feeling of new-found hope.  We were given new weapons for our arsenal to fight Satan against any foothold he has in our babies minds.  So... things will be changing around our household.

I'm learning about the power of yes.

According to Dr Karyn Purvis and a vast amount of research, one thing our kiddos are in need of is "yes."  "Yes"s build trust.  Trust helps them to not be afraid.  Fear keeps them from sleeping at night.  Fear makes them think that they can't learn their ABCs and their 123s.  Fear makes them pee in their closets or dressers.  Fear makes them change clothes several times a day for numerous reasons.  Fear fills my bed with kiddos on stormy nights.  Fear causes little ones to feel attacked and retaliate when someone brushes against them. Fear makes them terrified to take a bath, even though they begged for it.  Fear makes them want to be picked up, put down, picked up, put down, picked up, put down.....

All that to say, my kids need more "yes"s from their Mommy and Daddy.  So.... we've been going out of our way to say yes at every opportunity.  We bought a big bucket of Double Bubble gum, which I like to refer to as, "380 yes's"  When the kiddos ask me a question, I ask myself if there is any reason that I need to say "no".  If I can say yes, I do.  At least, that's how it's working out so far.  Prince Charming has had to catch me a few times, but that's one of the perks of being a team :)

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